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Whether it is a small executive event or a larger conference, using social networks effectively can laser target the right audience and engage them in ways that not only increases awareness but drive high quality prospect attendance.


Customers who utilize these methodologies have seen attendance rates substantially increase compared to current recruitment strategies along with increased prospect quality through our targeted outreach.



Utilizing advanced search capabilities like Linkedin allow you to laser target your audience.  To take action though, you need to get those contacts out of Linkedin.  We have tools and methodologies to make sure you have access to the information needed to target the right audience

Targeted Sharing

It's one thing to share an event from a profile page, that is not how we approach sharing. Our strategies and technology allow large scale pinpoint sharing where our target audience receives a personal message with the share on multiple social channels.  The response rates on this type of outreach is exponentially higher than traditional means.

Target Your Audience
Enrich Contact Data

Just creating a list is not enough.  The key to engagement is touching your audience via multiple channels including Linkedin, Facebook and more. To do that effectively you need to enrich your contact information with additional social data like personal emails and profile information on other platforms.  A key part of our process is utilizing this enriched data.

By utilizing this approach, our clients are normally targeting a higher quality audience than they could before.


When you combine that with a higher response rate and attendance rate you not only get more people at your event but also they type of people you want.


We have great success starting customers with small controlled tests to allow them to see our results first hand.  Reach out now to start your own.

Results - What Counts
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