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Delivering powerful results via social marketing solutions

Event Promotion

Butts in seats is not the only way to measure the effectiveness of event marketing. You also want to have the right targeted people attending to give you the best chance for success.  Our event promotion starts with the right audience and then our Radius Social Solution sends one to one communications via Linkedin, Google+ and facebook. This propriety message delivery and methodology generates upward of 50% of the attendees to our customers events.

Action Marketing

By using the same process for event promotion, we can also provide one to one targeted engagement for action marketing. Whether it is sharing a whitepaper, a new release, or other actionable messaging.  We laser target your audience using specific criteria and then share the content with our message delivery platform and track the results. Our clients have seen response rates as high as X%. 

Social Groups

Creating social groups cannot only provide brand awareness but more importantly a pool of highly engaged prospects that can be farmed and turned into quality leads for your sales force. The key is to do this in a way where the group feels they are part of an industry collaboration and not tied to a specific vendor. we have developed a specific methodology of the right cadence in approaching customers to join a group, engage, connect, share content, and then ultimately engage in a sales discussion.

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