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Target Clients with Social Media

This post is a perfect example of how we can target specific people on Linkedin and other channels like Google+ and Facebook with targeted messages.

You are probably reading this post because we sent you a message using our proprietary tools via Linkedin that highlighted your name in a post and a personal message to get you to click on this link.

The response rates for these personalized messages far exceed email messaging not only for click through but also on actions taken.

The best example is our clients use to recruit for events. Whether highly targeted luncheon or dinner sales events or large conferences with hundreds of attendees, we use Linkedin to focus on exactly the customers you are looking for. We have generated as high as 50% attendance rates of quality leads for small and large events, and all our customers are happy to provide references on request.

So if you need to recruit for events or get your message out, like a new white paper or Gartner report, we can get your message to the right people in a way they are most likely to engage.

Reach out to find out how we can do a test campaign to show you the power of our results.

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