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Tired of the same customers at your sales events? We'll show you how to get Net New Leads attend

You spend a lot on your Sales Events, so why can't you get Net New Leads to attend?

Our Social Outreach Service can increase the quality and quantity of leads who attend your sales events. By utilizing a mix of social marketing and messaging, we have found a way to target the exact customers you are looking for with messages that get responses and drive attendance.

On average, we drive 50% to 75% plus of the attendees at our customers events. These are not random attendees, but specifically targeted individuals or personas that the customer defines.

A quick example of this is how you reached this post via our personalized LinkedIn 'Mention/Notification' message from Sean Peace. By seeing, reading and clicking on the post you were mentioned in, you have just experienced one of our targeted social outreach solutions. A solution used to discover, identify and pinpoint you with a specific call to action message, in this case: "Click on this Link to visit our content."

I'd like to take a moment to explain how this method works and why customers that use Radius Social for their events have seen significant increase in both the quantity and quality of registrations.

Event/Field Marketing professionals are under extreme pressure to make sure the right folks are attending their B2B events. These time sensitive and targeted marketing efforts can be a difficult and sometimes overwhelming task.

While email is often cited as the most cost effective event marketing medium, we have found that targeted social mentions and sharing using LinkedIn, Google+ and even Facebook are now achieving exponentially better results.

People who currently market their events via social media often have to rely on outdated and inaccurate methods to target their audience. How can you stand out, and make sure your content is being seen by the right person?

There is a better approach that allows pinpoint accuracy of your message. Targeted Social Mentions (exactly like the one you received) promote your content or event by targeting the precise audience you define. Think email meets social media marketing.

When we market your event and content, your potential target attendee receives personalized messaged invitations via 1) their email, 2) Social Media Inboxes including: LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook and 3) to the corresponding apps on their mobile device.

Examples of different types of messaging.

Using our advanced searching techniques within LinkedIn’s incomparable B2B database of professionals we can pinpoint your audience and utilize our outreach marketing strategies to reach your exact market.

We put our money where our mouth is - Don't just take our word for it, let us do a targeted test campaign to show you the power of our services.

If we've piqued your curiosity and you'd like to learn more, just fill out the Contact Us form below or email Sean Peace at and we'll reach out to get the process started.

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